As a Microsoft Partner, Pace Data Systems is able to offer our services on cloud and mobile platforms that give our clients the flexibility they need to meet their customers on the front line of commerce. Microsoft has been the leader in industry-side computing for decades, just as Pace Data Systems has spent decades providing individually crafted technology and data analysis solutions for businesses and government. Partnering with Microsoft allows us to offer insights and support to businesses of all sizes and needs, implementing tools of exceptional quality and dependability.

A key component of the Microsoft Partner program is meeting ongoing competency assessments across several fields. The Pace Data Systems team has consistently met or exceeded the requirements of both the business-focused competency assessments and the technical exam assessments. Microsoft’s commitment to partnering only with providers who meet their exacting standards make Pace Data Systems an obvious fit for the program.

Partnership also grants us additional support for the cloud through Microsoft’s dedicated cloud and mobile technology support teams, ensuring that your particular data solution always has multiple layers of technical support and troubleshooting ability. As new Microsoft offerings prepare to enter the marketplace, our team of experienced technicians engages with Microsoft’s Partner University, learning the inner workings of new products and services to help you make the most them as soon as they are available.