About Us

Since the company's inception in 1976, Pace Data's hallmark has been ongoing support and follow-up service. Our clients are never left with systems they cannot fully utilize.
This philosophy guides a staff of highly trained managers, professionals and technicians who are constantly pushing their skills to the limits of the state of the art. Few problems are too technical, too complex or too great for us to solve.
Our full service concept can be of use to you if you need a complete network solution, records keyed to computer readable form for processing, or anything in between.

Bank Processing Systems
Pace Data Systems’ knowledge of the banking industry has been developing since 1967 when one of our principal owners and some of our technical staff were part of a team that developed one of the country’s first on-line, real time, financial transaction processing systems. The system once developed provided all core account processing for more than fifty-five (55) Community Banks from northern New Jersey to northern Virginia. Since its inception in 1976 until the present, PDS has continued its involvement in literally every aspect of the information management requirements of this industry.
For several banks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia, in addition to core processing support, Pace Data Systems has provided services in the following areas:
·          Mortgage origination system evaluation and


·          Conversion to and de-conversion from service


·          Department review and re-engineering to utilize

             computer software and resources.

·          Development of student loan origination, tracking

             and reporting systems including creation of

             systems for the special database updates required

             by the Department of Education.

·          Investigating, assessing, correcting and testing

            Year 2000 compliance of bank and third party

            hardware and software. 
Pace Data Systems has developed a level of competence in such varied aspects of the planning and operation of effective and efficient banking institutions that it has been called upon to provide expertise from the proof room to the boardroom.
*  *  *  *  *
For a mid-sized bank located in PA, we were initially responsible for the conversion of the bank from a service bureau to an in house system utilizing Oracle relational database technology under the Windows operating system over a frame relay communications network for core processing and related functions.
This effort involved the installation of a 14 branch WAN, re-training all bank employees, establishing data center procedures and standards and verifying an accurate data transfer from the previous service center. Once converted the following capabilities were introduced into production:
              ·          Internet Banking and bill payment
              ·          Automated voice response system
              ·          Real time ATM and Debit cards
              ·          Remote check imaging and statements
              ·          Automated Clearinghouse processing
              ·          Data warehousing and mining
* * * * *

            For an upstate Pennsylvania commercial bank newly converted to an in-house core processing system, Pace Data Systems provided in-house Database Analyst support to bridge a vacancy of bank employed Analysts. Over the next year, we maximized the throughput on the network, assisted in developing processing standards and procedures as well as Disaster and Backup/Recovery. We participated in the interview process resulting in the hiring of a full time bank Database Analyst. We then indoctrinated that new employee prior to the conclusion of our contractual requirement.

* * * * *

            For a New Jersey based commercial bank, Pace Data Systems functioned as Project Manager when the bank wanted to upgrade its central database and system file servers to the Windows 2000 operating system from the existing windows NT system for its “core processing system”. This engagement involved verifying that the new operating system continued to properly synchronize the primary database server to its backup server for disaster recovery and processing continuity. This required a complete and working knowledge of their network construction and operation as well as their core processing system.

* * * * *
In addition we have developed and presently offer for license to our banking customers our Account History Information System, a research software system extracting critical information from an Oracle Database into a system operating with an Access or SQL Server database.
Information Processing
Beyond the above industry specific knowledge and experience, Pace Data is and has been engaged in a variety of arrangements, too many to list, providing information processing services to private industry, financial and educational institutions, and government agencies. For over 10 years and continuing, our on-site Database Analysts have been redesigning and implementing a completely new tax assessment and monitoring system for the City of Philadelphia. For others we have provided Y2K conversion and evaluation, Disaster Recovery planning and implementation, just to name a few.
Our services range from programming support to complete systems design and implementation:
            · Systems analysis
            · Computer Programming
            · Database design/maintenance
            · Mailing list maintenance
            · Data preparation and input
            · Management consulting
            · Financial information systems
            · Management information system