Pace Data Systems provides a full suite of IT consulting services, IT system design & implementation, database analysis, and technical support. Our company is guided by the principles of providing products and services of outstanding value, with the ongoing support and expertise our clients need to ensure that they are always optimizing their systems. For over 40 years, Pace Data Systems has been an industry leader in providing businesses, institutions, and government agencies of all sizes – with technological tools well above industry standards.

Pace Data Systems’ Founder was one of the team that was among the first to develop one of the first real-time online transaction processing systems for small and medium-sized banks, bringing this technology to banks other than large, asset-rich institutions. This commitment to offering cutting-edge technological tools to small and mid-sized players in various industries has become a hallmark of Pace Data Systems, and made us the service provider of choice for companies and institutions throughout the nation. Whether a client is seeking to design and build a full-scale proprietary database solution or simply outsource technical support and customer services, there is no need too complex or too trivial for our team.

Over our 40-year history, we have partnered with banks, educational institutions, and government agencies to help them provide excellent service with technological tools at the forefront of innovation. We are proud to be an industry leader in providing diverse products and services to address any IT system, database solution, or business intelligence issue. Our clients know that, when they need tailored solutions to their needs, they can come to Pace Data Systems.