Data systems architecture and analysts provided by Pace Data Systems have been the best choice for municipal, state and federal government institutions for decades. Our in-house analysts and technicians work with agencies of any size and location to build systems meeting the needs of the agency staff and the public it serves. While governmental institutions are often among the last to adopt technological innovation, we have the experience and expertise to help government institutions perform their duties and move into the forefront of data processing and business intelligence technology.

Pace Data Systems has partnered on efforts for the City of Philadelphia for more than 15 years to redesign, implement, and maintain various database systems. Recently, our on-site database analysts and technicians have assisted in completely rebuilding these systems and exponentially increasing efficiency of tax assessment throughout the city as well as building code enforcement and monitoring.

Pace Data Systems specialized in converting vital data systems to adapt to new technology and challenges in the information technology sphere. As a result, we have been a provider of choice for government agencies seeking to enhance their disaster recovery systems.