AHISWhether your Fiserv/OSI database is in-house or managed by the Fiserv/OSI data center, purging of historical data is necessary. Purging the Fiserv/OSI database, however, affects much more than the IT function! Decreasing the database size does make the IT function more efficient. Much needed disk space is recovered, nightly processing is much faster and database reorganization requires less system downtime. This is good for the in-house IT function or the servicing data center but often occurs at the expense of efficiency for the research function that now must find inventive ways to perform its job.

Bouncing back and forth between various system generated reports and monthly statements, whether on COLD systems or not, is time/labor intensive, prone to error and could fail to produce a true historical picture. Creating several historical databases is cumbersome, requiring the need to update multiple systems as newer versions of software are released by OSI and creates questionable utilization of the Oracle license issued through OSI.

The Account History Information System developed and licensed by Pace Data Systems extracts complete transaction, account maintenance, account/person/organization record detail that enable research personnel to perform an inquiry into historical information, in most instances, with one “click!” The system supports SQL Server databases. Additional inquiry capabilities and special reports provided enable efficient and thorough person/organization account relationship determination, prior account maintenance to be researched either at a specific account level or throughout the entire database. And that is just the beginning!

Why not investigate a research system specifically designed to interface with the Fiserv/OSI DNA system? A system being utilized by many users both in-house and those supported by the Service Center. Several of our AHIS users are reporting multiple hours of improvement for their nightly processing and significant improvement on other runs after converting to AHIS and purging historical transactions, activity and closed accounts in some cases. Their research personnel are even asking to have current history included in the AHIS database because it’s so complete and easy to use. Our Users being serviced by the OSI data center have been able to retrieve data before it is purged enabling ongoing efficient research.

You no longer have to scurry between printouts, copies of several customer statements, reports or other manual records to service your customers. All of that purged data and supporting account information can be in one place and just a mouse click away for as long as you wish to keep it. It’s your data!

Use AHIS to conduct security reviews on past accounts. AHIS is used to quickly determine if there was any internal or external account misconduct.

AHIS, on a schedule selected by you, extracts your data, before it is purged and delivers that data to you just as it currently delivers your nightly reports. Utilizing programs included as part of your AHIS license, your in-house personnel can include that data in a SQL Server database resident at your location.

AHIS is installed locally. We carefully install and maintain it for you. Our cloud based solution is coming soon!

AHIS is very easy to use and is currently accessed via Microsoft Access.

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