Cloud Services

Cloud services are becoming an integral part of business strategy as fewer institutions are interested in maintaining their own servers. Pace Data Systems has experience building and maintaining reliable and affordable cloud computing solutions so you and your clients alike can enjoy 24-hour access to data, services, and more.

Why switch to the cloud? Clients can expect on-demand self-service options for your services, with infrastructure maintained by professionals outside your organization. Broader network access means fewer server problems when storing or accessing data. Cloud computing offers more options for businesses of different sizes and phases to cope with demand fluctuations and changes in capabilities. And, instead of expensive capital investment in new systems, many cloud services are metered for easy billing, just like utilities.

Pace Data Systems has provided cloud services to clients with private servers and access points, as well as consulting with clients on the best options as cloud services become more common and widespread across industries. We are also prepared to adapt clients to common cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365. Whether you have a provider in mind or are still considering what “the cloud” means to you and your clients, Pace Data Systems is happy to help you meet the future of computing.

Our services include:

Software (SaaS)

Assist your end users in mastering the cloud with easy-to-use applications with reliable access.

Platforms (PaaS)

Host all of your applications, for staff and clients alike, on cloud platforms for easy utilization.

Infrastructure (IaaS)

Store and operate programs and data on servers you never have to maintain.