Technology Consulting Services

Pace Data Systems’ offerings in the IT field are based on decades of success in preparing businesses of several sizes with customized technology needs. Pace Data Systems uses proven IT and data management methods and constantly affirms their expertise through the Microsoft Partner program and interactions with a wide variety of clients.

Our services include:

Information Technology Strategy

Plan your future IT needs based on your business plan, client requirements, and areas for expansion.

Due Diligence Analysis and Reporting

Secure your processes and technology with a full or partial inspection.

Systems Optimization

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with better tools, versions, and procedures with software, databases, and communication.

Database and Systems Conversion

Make the most of a new system with a full understanding of its capabilities and ensure no data is left to chance.

Data Access and Archiving Services

Be smart with records by managing them safely and efficiently from the start.

Software and Systems Training

Give your co-workers confidence with full training and preparation for software, databases, and other IT needs.

Data-driven businesses need an efficient help desk service to be the first line of response to your clients and keep your employees focused on service, not time-hungry support networks. The specialists at Pace Data Systems understand that your business’ help desk is an indispensable service hub, helping to meet the minute-by-minute needs of customers and providing real-time technical support to staff.

We provide consistent top-tier support in implementing and maintaining hardware and software such as databases to transaction processing applications. The Pace Data team specializes in multi-technology support and has been recognized by some of the biggest companies in the country for their comprehensive service.

Many businesses struggle to retain in-house IT support with up-to-date systems training. Our help desk service provides the required internal assistance to consistently satisfy your customers and their evolving needs. On the service-provider side, we dependably guide installations, updates and troubleshooting of the hardware and software solutions your employees need to deliver their best work every day.